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The Protocol

Liquid Loans is the first truly decentralized lending protocol built specifically and exclusively for PulseChain. Its operations are immutable, non-custodial, and governance-free. It is a finished product with no admin keys.

The protocol was developed to allow owners of PulseChain coin (PLS) a method of extracting value from their holdings, without the need to ever sell. By locking up PLS coins and minting USDL (a USD pegged, fully backed decentralized over-collateralized stablecoin), a PLS holder can take a 0% interest-free loan against their holdings, on a timeless repayment schedule.

Founders Vision

“The purpose of Liquid Loans protocol is to support the creation, growth and adoption of a more secure, trustless, and decentralized financial infrastructure, that is community-owned, and brings greater stability and transparency to PulseChain.

The Liquid Loans development and support team are all PulseChain community members, and as a team, we aim to educate, inspire, create value, and make a difference.”

FAQs Video Interview

CEO Cristian and COO Dave answer 35 random questions about Liquid Loans here:

Connect With Us

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Learn more about Liquid Loans on the official website: https://liquidloans.io/

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